Break out Boxes and Converters From Benedict Computer


A compact, industrial strength, BREAK OUT BOX used to monitor and redirect RS-232-C circuits.
RS 232 Break Out Box

RS232LM inexpensive line status monitor

RS232 Line Monitor

hand held RS232 / RS422 MONITORS & Test Equipment


BOB100 Break Out Box

Industrial Strength 102 LED BOB with Current Loop Testing

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RS232 Break Out Box 

One female and one male 25 pin Sub-D connector
Signal Status Display
Mark, Space, Clocking, None indication on all 25 pins on both sides of the breakout switches.
Access Sockets
Sockets are located on both sides of the breakout switches allowing direct access to both interfaces.
Jumper Cables / Patching
A sturdy set of jumper cables with high quality gold plated plugs is provided to allow cross patches of interface lines. Included are six two-pin jumpers plus two four-pin jumpers.
Ground Potential Differences Test Circuit
The different ground potentials of the two interfaced devices can cause problems with signal interpretation. The Circuit testing this difference makes use of G. P. D. monitor connected to the left side of switch #7.
Power/Test Voltage Sources
The basic function of the BOB100 do not require battery power. The tester can use one 9 volt battery for the purpose of generating + or + voltage for testing.
Physical (Hand Sized)
7.4 x 3.4 x .7 inches, 8.9 ounces.
Current Loop Test Circuit
The Current loop test circuit can be used to measure 4, 10, 20, and 60 mA circuits. The LED illuminates at 80% of the stated current. Maximum current is 3 times stated with an upper limit of 80 mA.
The BOB100 is supplied with a small leatherette case, jumpers, manual, battery connector, and 11 inch cable.